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The Story behind Scrub’d

With the pandemic and emphasis on infection control, there was a sudden shift amongst Sri Lankan healthcare workers to wear healthcare apparel (scrubs) to work as opposed to regular formal work wear. This was not just more practical in comparison to wearing ties and sarees in busy hospitals/clinic settings, but was also immensely more comfortable for healthcare workers and made them more presentable to their patients.

Our co-founder, Dr. Rashmira Balasuriya was ever on the look-out for scrubs that delivered in comfort, style and quality, but the perfect trifecta could not be found. In the end she persuaded her husband, Mr. Suveksha Botejue, to manufacture her the perfect set of Scrubs. With Suveksha’s attention to detail and Dr. Rashmira’s perfectionism, the perfect set of scrubs were manufactured. Due to constant enquiries and pressure from other healthcare workers for scrubs, Dr. Rashmira and Suveksha decided to start a small-scale production of healthcare apparel, Scrub’d. With the immense support received since its’ inception, Scrub’d has now become a household name amongst healthcare workers in Sri Lanka!

Why Choose Us?

Never compromise on quality

Our team of designers, together with
input from healthcare professionals,
ensure that we manufacture the
highest quality product possible.

Fast and reliable

With our inhouse design and
production team, we maintain stocks
of all our products so you always
have access to your essential scrubs!

Professional and friendly service

Whether you shop online or in-store,
our team members are trained to
offer you the best shopping

Our Founders

Dr. Rashmira Balasuriya

Medical Practitioner & Co-Founder of Scrub’d Sri Lanka

Dr. Rashmira is the driving force behind Scrub’d; ensuring that her colleagues in the medical field have access to quality healthcare apparel. She oversees both the apparel design and marketing for Scrub’d.

She is a private medical practitioner and also a Director at the Arka Initiative, a grassroots organisation working to improve Sexual and Reproductive Health in Sri Lanka. She recently completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine through the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo and received the Dr. T Nagendra Gold Medal. She has a BSc and MBBS from Kings College London and Newcastle University respectively. 

Suveksha Botejue

Managing Director, Bernard Philknit & Co-founder of Scrub’d Sri Lanka

With a background in Finance, Suveksha is the backbone of Bernard Philknit, one of the pioneers in apparel manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Overseeing the design, manufacturing and sales departments, Suveksha makes sure the operations run smoothly. 

Bulk Orders

For bulk orders (>20 pieces), please contact us directly for custom design and competitive offers.